Business Coaching Systems, Australia’s first Business Coaching Organisation, was founded in 1995 by Managing Director John Vamos.

Our team have designed unique and internationally acclaimed proprietary methodologies (Business Thinking Systems™) which have been tested and refined in partnership with over 4,000 workgroups. We have worked with over 3,000 companies and 20,000 individuals across a variety of industries in public, private, government and the not-for-profit sector. You could say we have seen it all and we can demonstrate that we know what works for peak performance.

Our unique offering produces best practice and realistic outcomes every time, yet remains tailored to your business’ scale and purpose. BCS trained coaches put strategy into action, dissolving the gap between performance and potential. We believe in developing practical action plans with rigorous follow through on implementation to ensure profitable results.

The BCS team aim to present and behave with our clients at a level that evidences we operate as an expression of all that we know and promote about enterprise leadership and effectiveness. We promote a culture of respect for our peers, our clients and our profession. BCS takes pride in both our own, and our client’s achievements.



John Vamos is the founder and Managing Director of Business Coaching Systems. He is a prominent Director, sought after speaker, published author, Accredited Advisor and member with both Family Business Australia (FBA) and the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in the United States.

John also sits on Private Company Boards, as Independent Chairman, in a variety of Industries, including but not limited to; Hospitality, Technology, Wealth Management/Philanthropy, E-commerce and Retail.



Business Coaching Systems (BCS) was founded in 1995 by industry pioneer and Managing Director John Vamos. It was Australia’s first business coaching organisation. John is a member of (and Accredited by) the Family Firm Institute (US), a prominent Director, sought after speaker, and published author.

Since 1995, John Vamos and associated business coaches have developed internationally acclaimed proprietary methodologies called Business Thinking Systems™.

Science Behind Coaching


Clients say that BCS has elevated coaching and the art of facilitation to a ‘Science’.

In a world of information overload, business success is not about what you don’t know; it’s about how you act on what you do know. While traditional consultants bring data, concepts and theories, BCS takes a completely different approach.

We understand that most often the critical skills and knowledge your organisation needs to run at peak efficiency are already within your business.