Science Behind Coaching


Clients say that BCS has elevated coaching and the art of facilitation to a ‘Science’.

In a world of information overload, business success is not about what you don’t know; it’s about how you act on what you do know. While traditional consultants bring data, concepts and theories, BCS takes a completely different approach. We understand that most often the critical skills and knowledge your organisation needs to run at peak efficiency are already within your business.

With a structured and rigorously tested series of questions, our coaches work with your people to draw out solutions based on the best thinking from the whole group. The result is achievable and measurable action plans authored by the group with mutually agreed ownership of key targets and performance indicators.

Working as a true business partner, BCS helps your people answer their own important questions. Where is your business going, and why? How will you get there? What operational structures will you need? And, how do you achieve more from your most valuable assets – your staff and executives?

Business success is not about what you do not know; it is about how you act on what you do know.