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With over 13 years’ experience coaching organisations, Anesan Naidoo has worked with many large and diverse organisations, helping them develop strategic and operational plans for their organisations and coaching them through the successful implementation of the plans. As an agent of change he also works with many CEO’s & Senior Managers in large organisations, executive coaching them to achieve their work – life balance & leadership objectives.

Educated at the UNSW and AGSM, and having worked and developed his skills with Business Coaching Systems and being mentored by John Vamos since 1998, Anesan launched Organisational Coaching Solutions in 2007 as his own Coaching Business. He is a formally qualified manager of change with a strong understanding of coaching principles and a distinguished track record as a business and executive coach.

He is an accredited coach of the International Coaching Federation with over several thousand hours of formal business coaching as well as being an Accredited Family Business Advisor. A specialist in Family Business, Anesan’s unique skillset lies in finding a common language and direction – a family business and organisation can embrace while having different individual points of view.

Anesan’s experience covers a broad range of industries including, retail, construction, banking, telecommunications, sport, legal, the clubs industry, hospitality and many more. He’s helped many household names achieve their goals including, Telstra, Bavarian Hospitality Group, Urban Purveyor Group, Parramatta Leagues Club, Panthers Entertainment Group, Walker Corporation, NIB, South Bank Corporation, FMayer Imports, Henning Harders, Mingara, NSW Rugby League, Hungry Jacks, Lawler Partners and many others realise their business ambitions.

I was pleased to take the opportunity to do some coaching with Anesan Naidoo. It was great to have a chat with Anesan, work through the challenges, build it into the plan in regards to things we thought were really important and dismiss the things that were just noise and then move on with the plan.

Chris Carroll, Senior Manager, Telstra Bigpond

It’s very hard to get out and have a look at the whole business without someone helping you because you just get tangled in the problem.  So in that sense I would defiantly recommend them. They are not consultants handing you a textbook solution − you do everything yourself and so you own the solution because you come up with the plan… and that builds trust and confidence in yourself and the rest of the team and company.  That’s one of the best advantages of working with BCS.

Management Team, Bavarian Hospitality Group


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