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John Vamos is the founder and Managing Director of Business Coaching Systems. He is a prominent Director, sought after speaker, published author and accredited advisor. John also sits on Private Company Boards, as Independent Chairman, in a variety of Industries, including but not limited to; Hospitality, Automotive, Construction, Technology, Wealth Management/Philanthropy, E-commerce and Retail.

As a dedicated market-leading Business Coach, Facilitator and Corporate Advisor, John’s focus remains in business performance and the commercial elements of business, and as he leverages his knowledge and skills sets in strategy, board effectiveness, governance and sales.


John began his career in the Financial Services Industry, he is a Macquarie University graduate (Arts and Law), and holds a Diploma in Life Assurance from Deacon University. John discovered early success in this industry, developing selling strategies which took MLC’s twenty-seventh ranked division to number one.

He was elected to represent his profession, ultimately earning a place on the National Board of the Australian Life Writers Association (ALWA).

The seeds of Business Coaching Systems started to grow through John’s role in the ALA’s Education Committee, where he was asked to source a training program to teach entrepreneurs how to write a business plan. Never scared to challenge conventional opinion, John refused to recommend any of the programs he found available, recognising instead that Entrepreneurs do not learn from text books (It is often what makes them Entrepreneurs!). So instead, he authored an action based alternative and it worked. So well in fact that John decided to make it a vocation… and a business.

John recalls…

“I realised during this process that business falls into two parts: those functions that are unique to the business, such as specific products or services, the brand positioning and strategic direction − and those that are not.

“The mistake people make is they assume ‘all’ of their business is unique, but there are functions of business’ operation that are common and as such they present huge opportunity for improved performance because, as they are universal, there is also a universal “best way” of doing them.

“The business planning course I conceived separated the two and guided the participants through a process of action steps that, when bolted together, produced an amazingly focused business plan. The business was then free to concentrate on the areas that would enhance their competitive advantage!”

Described by his peers as

“Australia’s most gifted generator of positive change for Enterprise” John Vamos is convinced that Business Coaching as a tool, can be a huge difference maker.

John has written two books with the most recent entitled ‘Elephants and the Business Laws of Nature’. He is also the developer of the techniques and curriculum that sets BCS apart. John has authored all of the BCS’ Intellectual Property modules including tertiary-equivalent programs on; strategic planning, operational excellence, performance management and executive coaching.

Most importantly, he has successfully worked in business and has firsthand experience on its many facets. John is the executive coach of some of Australia’s most successful Entrepreneurs and CEO’s.


Founder and organisational coach


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