BCS offers advisory services to private organisations and to families in business. These services are provided as an Independent Chair for the Corporation Board and Family Council Board. John Vamos is an active Independent Chairman for several private organisations and family enterprises in the following industries; Hospitality, Construction, Retail, Distribution, Online Markets, Professional Services and IT.

Independent Chairing of private organisations is essential for business as it ensures effective Governance, applied and professional objectivity and a balanced strategic focus. Our proprietary Family in Business Council process provides a governance framework by Assisting Families in business manage Love, Loyalty and Wealth™. The foundation of this model is credited to the memory of Wayne Bubb, the pioneer of Family in Business methodologies for BCS.

Board Engagement


The purpose of an Advisory Board is to provide a governance framework for the organisation whilst advising the management of the entity on key strategic and corporate matters.

BCS’s systems and processes have helped our organisation drive strategy creating an environment where we can clearly demonstrate our value to our market with the support of our dedicated workforce.

Tim Buckle, Managing Director, Landscape Solutions

Family Council


The Family Council is a regular meeting of the Family Members who compiled the Family Charter.

Some family members may be deemed ex officio in the Charter, meaning that they can be represented fairly at the meetings via other Family Members and feel comfort in being protected by the principles outlined in the Charter.

Family Charter


The Family Charter is a facilitated agreement that documents the expectations of the Family.

The Charter establishes the business as a definable and important Asset that deserves to have Shareholders treat it with objectivity and respect. It defends Family Members employed in the business from conflict and interference, whilst ensuring they are accountable to the Shareholder Family.