Board Engagement


About Board Engagement

The purpose of an Advisory Board is to provide a governance framework for the organisation whilst advising the management of the entity on key strategic and corporate matters.


A critical requirement in Private Company Leadership is to manage the three independent forces;

  1. The Shareholders ambitions and Balance Sheet pressures
  2. The employed Leaderships (Family or non-Family alike) ability to deliver enduring and profitable results
  3. The Business’ own need for clarity of purpose and accountability

To manage this process, BCS provides a complete Governance solution which incorporates:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Professionally Chaired Board Meetings
  • Performance Contracts for Family and non-Family Leaders
  • Performance Management structures that avoid the bureaucracy of a dedicated ‘HR Department’
  • Family ‘Ownership’ Charters to effectively deal with the unique needs of all Family Members


The benefits from engaging with our Advisory Service include:

  • A rhythm of the business from a Shareholder perspective
  • Minutes and true records of regular Board and Family Council Meetings
  • A reporting framework that meets the standards expected by all Shareholders
  • Overseeing lively debate on the identification and assessment of various strategies for the business
  • A mentoring resource to the Chief Executive (from the Chair) throughout the engagement

BCS’s systems and processes have helped our organisation drive strategy creating an environment where we can clearly demonstrate our value to our market with the support of our dedicated workforce.

Tim Buckle, Managing Director, Landscape Solutions

It is the thinking systems, structure and the deep thought that has gone into designing the BCS methodologies that help organisations like ours extract the best of their potential.

Phil Patelis, Managing Director, XCentral

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