``Getting the Yes`` Training



Business Development and Sales are the critical part to any business. While Gross Profit and Bottom-Line are King, you cannot manage them without a top line. We have designed a complete end to end solution to the challenge of making sales. It is supported by a replicable and interactive sales system that ensures your new business activity delivers maximum impact every time. The training programs overall purpose is to up-skill your sales teams understanding, acceptance for and compliance with a proven, evidence based approach to sales.


This interactive two day learning and activation program will provide the Tools, the Science, the Pitch and the Accountability that make all the difference in the most demanding of all Business pursuits − Sales. After all, nothing good happens for anyone, anywhere, till somebody sells something! The program explores the fundamentals of selling including:

  • How to control first impressions
  • How to ensure you get in your prospect/s mind and understand their challenges
  • How to maximise your client acquisition process
  • How to generate strong leads
  • How to manage a sales pipeline end to end
  • How to have sales people embrace accountability – by the numbers!!


At the conclusion of the program, your organisation will have designed the Perfect Sales System relevant to your organisation, ready to activate, ready to apply in your induction, ready to put certainty into your forecasting.


For more information or to book a program, please contact us.